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A household kitchen is incomplete without a blender. All kinds of everyday meals have at least some components that require blending or grinding, without which the meal cannot be prepared. Therefore, it is mostly essential to invest in a good blender, one that can get the maximum amount of processing done and can last a lifetime. For this reason, blenders are a common culinary tool now and have been around for as long as you can remember.

Blenders have now branched out into many different types, some which are possible of achieving multiple tasks integrated into one device. Due to this assortment in the types of blenders, it is important to know which kind of blender does what and for this purpose, here we will break down a few of the most common blenders into their purpose and features.

Hand Blenders

Hand blenders can be used for only a handful of things. They do not have a powerful motor or a large size. They are mostly compact and can only handle soft liquids to whisk and whip. They can also sometimes be used for light chopping. Like every blender, hand blenders also come with a few options you can control, mostly only speed, so that you can blend different things at different settings. These small and simple devices are ideal for making shakes, smoothies, and cold coffee.

Personal Blenders

Personal blenders are also small and compact but more functional than hand blenders. They have more powerful motors, can do more, and also do not take up a lot of counter space or weigh much. The jar capacity of a personal blender usually supports two glasses for two persons and you can utilize it to make smoothies and shakes. Keep in mind that personal blenders support little to no ice. Personal blenders are the best blending devices to keep with yourself while travelling as you can easily drink right from the blender jug, clean it, and store it in a drawer.

Cold Drinks Blenders

Cold beverage blenders or frozen drink blenders support blending with ice and include margarita blenders and smoothie blenders. You can even use them to make fruit juices. Margarita blenders have an ice compartment that shaves ice and mixes it in with the blended fruit cocktail to give you a frozen, ice cold drink. The metal blades in smoothie blenders effectively crush ice and blend it in with other ingredients to give you a rich and cold smoothie or juice. These blenders are easy to use and clean, have customizable controls, and provide good power.

Professional Jug Blenders

Professional blenders are larger than most and can be used for commercial purposes. They are constructed from quality material meant to last long. These are multi-purpose machines which can not only blend but can puree, grind, chop, crush, and cook, and so much more. They have a strong motor capable of enduring all these several food processing functions easily. Professional blenders have very little limitations in terms of what they cannot do in the kitchen.

From the several types of blenders, choose which fits best with your kitchen requirements and further research on it before buying one.

Healthy Food Guide

All of us are so busy in our lives that we don’t have any time for ourselves to cook healthy food in our kitchens. But as times have advanced, science and technology have come up with some of the best technologies to help us with our normal kitchen tasks, to help us cook fast meals and have a healthy diet. These technologies include pressure cookers which let you cook in a faster way, another appliance namely blenders helps us do the most boring jobs of our kitchen including chopping, cutting, blending etc. Out of all these appliances, a cold press juicer may be one of the most important ones.

Cold press juicers help us to squeeze some fruits and vegetables to give us a healthy and nutritious glass of natural drink. Health is the most important thing for any individual. An individual can obtain healthy nutrients from eating vegetables and fruits but what if they are not in the mood of eating anything? Here, cold press juicers come into play. You can easily squeeze juices or make smoothies from a juicer either from cold press juicers or from centrifugal juicers.

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People going to the gym mostly use a cold press juicer because it helps us have important vitamins and other nutrients from fruits and vegetables. Here are some things you should avoid putting in your cold press juicer:


People tend to put broccoli in their cold press juicers to make a full vitamin C content smoothie but what they don’t know is that although they are squeezed easily with the blades of a cold press juicer they are still difficult to digest which causes bloating gas or cramping.


The meat of a coconut cannot be processed to get juice because it is not juicy enough. But you can use coconut milk or coconut water as a nutritious and tasty addition to your juices and smoothies.

Tropical fruits

Tropical fruits like pineapples and mangoes are very high in sugar content. Although they offer plenty of antioxidants and other advantageous enzymes, they are still best eaten as a whole instead of drinking their juices. If you are on a diet, this can ruin your plans of losing weight.


Avocados do not contain any juice, therefore putting an avocado in a cold press juicer can be a little less beneficial or should I say unnecessary. Instead of putting it in a cold press juicer you can put it in a blender because mostly an avocado is chopped or blended instead of getting juiced.

Whole fruits

It is a 101 juicing tip that cold press juicers cannot handle whole fruits inside their jars. It puts a lot of pressure on the motor of the cold press juicers which can damage it. It can also put scratches on the blades getting them damaged too. Also, fruits like apples have amygdala in their seeds which can be poisonous when metabolized in the digestive system.

That will send your glucose and insulin levels very high up, expanding fat storage. The exemption is utilizing the intermittent green apple or kiwi to sweeten some of the more bitter green drinks. Green apples are generally low in sugar.

Healthy Food Guide

A food processor helps us to prepare food and liquid items in an easy and efficient way. A food processor helps us to process foods. It consists of a blade or an attached disk which helps in multiple purposes. You can shred, chop, mince, slice and do many things using a food processor.

Reasons why you should buy a food processor

  •         A food processor helps to make our kitchen life far easy. We tend to spend less time in chopping, grinding, dicing etc.
  •         No kitchen table looks good until and unless it has a beautifully decorated salad tray on it. However, by using a food processor you can cut your vegetables in less time and give them a nice shape.
  •         You can easily make bread crumbs using a food processor.
  •         It does not take much space in the kitchen. It is compact and easy to use.
  •         Helps us a-lot in shredding vegetables. This is something vegetable lovers do a lot!
  •         Making the pizza dough becomes easier and the food processor does it in both less time and less energy.
  •         You can easily chop the onions through a food processor. It is often that we eat onion with many of the meals we take so this will help us get onions chopped easily and faster.
  •         It is small and so fits in anywhere, moreover, you can clean it quite easily.
  •         You can easily make a sauce through it. Also, does it helps a lot in the dressing which is an essential part of one’s dinner party?
  •         You can prepare hummus through it too.

  •         A food processor is a good choice for blending.
  •         The best part is that you can easily slice tomatoes in it.
  •         You can also shred cheese in a food processor.
  •         People who love smoothies would never leave this because it gets so easy to make a smoothie in a food processor. You efficiently and easily make up a smoothie in a food processor.
  •         You can also make yourself fresh juices and protein shakes through a food processor.
  •         You can also crush nuts and make nut butter with a food processor.
  •         You can make use of spice and make something using a food processor too.
  •         Also, you can mince meat through a food processor.
  •         Kneading dough is also a function in a food processor. You can get best food processor for kneading dough from official website.
  •         A food processor can do multiple tasks at the same time.
  •         Yes, it does have a smaller size but its option of being able to do different things at a time over weighs its size or weight.

Hence, a food processor is an excellent choice to make your life easier. Your kitchen lifestyle also gets better and you save time and use it in other things. We prefer things done nicely but easily.