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What Things you never put in Cold Press Juicer

All of us are so busy in our lives that we don’t have any time for ourselves to cook healthy food in our kitchens. But as times have advanced, science and technology have come up with some of the best technologies to help us with our normal kitchen tasks, to help us cook fast meals and have a healthy diet. These technologies include pressure cookers which let you cook in a faster way, another appliance namely blenders helps us do the most boring jobs of our kitchen including chopping, cutting, blending etc. Out of all these appliances, a cold press juicer may be one of the most important ones.

Cold press juicers help us to squeeze some fruits and vegetables to give us a healthy and nutritious glass of natural drink. Health is the most important thing for any individual. An individual can obtain healthy nutrients from eating vegetables and fruits but what if they are not in the mood of eating anything? Here, cold press juicers come into play. You can easily squeeze juices or make smoothies from a juicer either from cold press juicers or from centrifugal juicers.

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People going to the gym mostly use a cold press juicer because it helps us have important vitamins and other nutrients from fruits and vegetables. Here are some things you should avoid putting in your cold press juicer:


People tend to put broccoli in their cold press juicers to make a full vitamin C content smoothie but what they don’t know is that although they are squeezed easily with the blades of a cold press juicer they are still difficult to digest which causes bloating gas or cramping.


The meat of a coconut cannot be processed to get juice because it is not juicy enough. But you can use coconut milk or coconut water as a nutritious and tasty addition to your juices and smoothies.

Tropical fruits

Tropical fruits like pineapples and mangoes are very high in sugar content. Although they offer plenty of antioxidants and other advantageous enzymes, they are still best eaten as a whole instead of drinking their juices. If you are on a diet, this can ruin your plans of losing weight.


Avocados do not contain any juice, therefore putting an avocado in a cold press juicer can be a little less beneficial or should I say unnecessary. Instead of putting it in a cold press juicer you can put it in a blender because mostly an avocado is chopped or blended instead of getting juiced.

Whole fruits

It is a 101 juicing tip that cold press juicers cannot handle whole fruits inside their jars. It puts a lot of pressure on the motor of the cold press juicers which can damage it. It can also put scratches on the blades getting them damaged too. Also, fruits like apples have amygdala in their seeds which can be poisonous when metabolized in the digestive system.

That will send your glucose and insulin levels very high up, expanding fat storage. The exemption is utilizing the intermittent green apple or kiwi to sweeten some of the more bitter green drinks. Green apples are generally low in sugar.

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